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Pin Type MCB Lockout Products

Product Code Product Description
LM-PIN-IN-CBL Pin-In type MCB Lockout
LM-PIN-OUT-CBL Pin-Out type MCB Lockout
LM-PIN-OUT-WIDE-CBL Pin-Out-Wide type MCB Lockout
These lockouts are recommended to be locked out with Loto Master De-electric Safety Lockout Padlock or Ultra Lightweight Safety Padlock.
Instructions for use:
  • Press the switch in the off position.
  • Insert the pins into the holes in the circuit breaker.
  • Inserting the padlock through the holes to secure the device in the locked position.

Product Name

Pin Type MCB Lockout

Product Category

Circuit Breaker Lockout

Product Description

Standard "Pin" style lockouts can be easily installed with the aid of a push button. Loto Master offers 3 types of Pin Type Lockouts. They are available for both single and multi pole breakers.... Read more