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Ultra Lightweight Safety Lockout Padlocks Products

Product Code:   LM-ULPP-RS for 40mm shackle length

                            LM-ULPP-LS for 75mm shackle length               



  • Compliance with OSHA “One employee, one lock, one key” directive to ensure duplicate keys are not issued
  •  Permanent write-on labels for individual markings
  • Key retaining design ensure padlock is not left unlocked
  • 6-pin precision machined keys for extra security
  • Shackle length of 40mm & 75mm are regular, different shackle lengths can be customised as per requirements
  • Padlocks also available with Stainless Steel and Brass shackles for protection against harsh corrosive / offshore environments
  • Customised your system with choice of 9 bright colors of Red, Yellow, Blue, green, Orange, Violet, Black, Brown & White
  • Available in key different, key alike and with master key option to best suit your Lockout/Tagout program
Please mention the product code, the key type - KD (Key Different), KA (Key Alike) or MK (Master Key), followed by the color.
Example: LM-ULPP-RS-KD-RED (40mm Shackle, Key different, red color)

Product Name

Ultra Lightweight Safety Lockout Padlocks

Product Category

Safety Lockout Padlocks

Product Description

Loto Master Safety Lockout Padlocks are designed specifically for use in Lockout/Tagout applications. These Padlocks are compact yet rugged and have a body that is tough, durable and ultra lightweight that make them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.... Read more